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Boheme Drift

Today is the last day of Mashup March for Striped Swallow Designs. I have enjoyed seeing everyone’s creative and gorgeous creations. For my #ssdmashupmarch creation I knew I wanted to try something with the Boheme Sky as I have loved the pattern for a while but hadn’t bought it yet. I decided to experiment with mashing it with the Driftwood Hoodie. My goal was to keep the fitted bodice of the Boheme Sky and then attach the Driftwood hood with the front cowl.

I’ve been slowly working my way through my fabric stash, due to a ban imposed by a husband who doesn’t understand there is really no such thing as too much fabric! Well I’ll admit I have found some fabrics I forgot I had, like this teal Corrine floral double brushed poly from So Sew English. The silver double brushed poly also from SSE happened to be the perfect compliment.

Combining the patterns

The patterns you will need for this mash are the Boheme Sky and the Driftwood Hoodie. If you don’t already own both of these patterns feel free to use the coupon code mashupmarch for 20% off single PDF patterns! Coupon code will expire Monday, April 3rd at 11:59PM CST.

Start by printing out and assembling the patterns. The only part we will be using from the Driftwood is the hood so if you want to save time you can just tape together the hood and cowl pieces.

Boheme Sky

Once the patterns are assembled trace your measured size of the Boheme Sky onto tracing paper, I like to use a large roll of wax paper that I get at the grocery store. We will be using the back neckline for both the front and back bodice pieces in order to create enough room for the hood and cowl. The back bodice will not require any alterations but the front will. Start by overlaying the traced front bodice over the back bodice, lining up the fold line and the top of the armscye. Then trace the new neckline onto the front bodice.

Driftwood Hoodie

For the hood I used one size down from my measured size (measured small traced extra small). Trace the hood and cowl pieces onto tracing paper or wax paper.


Assembly is pretty straightforward, follow the instructions from the Boheme Sky other than at the neckline. Skip the step where the neckline is sewn shut, once assembled the hood will be attached so there is no need to finish the neckline. Note, the bodice on the Boheme Sky is fully lined, this helps keep the skirt from pulling down the bodice.

Once the dress is assembled add the hood, following the instructions from the Driftwood for sewing together the hood and cowl. To attach just mark the quarter points on the hood as well as the quarter points on the neckline and stretch slightly if needed.

Try on and look fabulous!

I would love to see your creations, please tag me on Facebook or Instagram!